Did you know?
The majority of Papatoetoe’s housing stock was built between 1970 - 1979. It wasn’t until 1979 however, that our government introduced minimal thermal insulation requirements for residential buildings!

What does this mean?
Rātā Terraces will be built to surpass NZ building standards, making them some of the healthiest, warmest, driest housing stock in the Papatoetoe market to date! Whether you’re looking for an investment property that’s easy to maintain and let or a home for yourself, these properties are an incredibly valuable asset to own.



2-level terraces

Starting From


Capital Growth in Papatoetoe

6.9 %

Per Annum

Principal Unit ASPECT Type Bathrooms Bedrooms GFA AREA
PU 05 WType A1265
PU 11 WType G1265
PU 12 WType H-11265
PU 13 WType H1265
PU 14 WType H1265
PU 15 WType H1265
PU 16 WType H-21265
PU 17 WType A-21265
PU 18 WType A1265
PU 19 WType A1265
PU 20 WType A1265
PU 21 WType A1265
PU 22 WType C11 + Office59
PU 23 WType C-211 + Office59
PU 24 NType J-11265
PU 25 NType J1265
PU 26 NType J1265
PU 27 NType J-11265
PU 28 WType A-31265
PU 29 WType A1265
PU 30 WType A1265
PU 31 WType A-31265
PU 32 NType B-11265
PU 33 NType B1265
PU 34 NType B1265
PU 35 NType B-11265
PU 36 NType C-111 + Office63
PU 37 NType C11 + Office60
PU 38 NType C11 + Office60
PU 39 NType C-311 + Office59
PU 40 WType H-11265
PU 41 WType H1265
PU 42 WType H-11265
PU 43 WType A-11265
PU 44 WType A1265
PU 45 WType A1265
PU 46 WType A-11265
PU 47 NType E-11265
PU 48 NType E1265
PU 49 NType E1265
PU 51 NType D1376
PU 52 NType D1376
PU 53 NType M1381
PU 54 EType C-111 + Office59
PU 55 EType C11 + Office59
PU 56 EType A1265
PU 57 EType A1265
PU 58 EType A-11265
PU 59 EType A-11265
PU 60 EType A1265
PU 61 EType A1265
PU 62 EType A-11265
PU 63 EType N-21265
PU 64 EType G1265
PU 65 EType G1265
PU 66 EType G1265
PU 67 EType G-31265
PU 68 EType N-11265
PU 69 EType N1265
PU 7 WType A-11265
PU 70 EType G1265
PU 71 EType G-21265
PU 73 EType A1265
PU 74 EType A-11265
PU 75 NType K-11265
PU 79 NType C-311 + Office63
PU 80 NType C11 + Office59
PU 81 NType C11 + Office59
PU 84 EType A1265
PU 85 EType A-11265
PU 86 NType B-11265
PU 88 NType B1265
PU 9 WType G1265
PU 90 EType H-31265
PU 91 EType H1265
PU 93 EType H-31265
PU 94 EType H-31265
PU 95 EType H1265
PU 96 EType H1265

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